World premiere of the 5th Symphony

World premiere (April 21) of the 5th Symphony (“Symphonie concertante”) in its final version in Stuttgart with the Südfunk Symphony Orchestra (conductor: Hans Müller-Kray); preliminary stages of the symphony: “Concerto für Solo-Trompete und Bläser-Kammerorchester” [Concerto for solo trumpet and wind chamber orchestra], premiered in Strasbourg in 1932, and “Konzert für Bläserensemble, Kontrabässe und zwei Solotrompeten” [Concerto for wind ensemble, double basses and two solo trumpets], premiered in Zurich in 1949

Performance of the 3rd Symphony at the IGNM-Fest in Frankfurt am Main

Performance of the 4th Symphony at the Wiener Festwochen

  • Year
  • 1951