Adagio (Symphony No. 2)

Adagio (Symphony No. 2)

for large orchestra

1 A Survivor from Warsaw (Arnold Schönberg)
💿 2 Adagio (Symphony No. 2; Karl Amadeus Hartmann) // 15:22
3 Symphony for strings: II. Assai vivace (Ernst Hermann Meyer)
4 Sinfonia brevis, VI: Finale Moderato (Walter Braunfels)
5 Deutsche Sinfonie (Hanns Eisler)
6 Symphonia Serena (Paul Hindemith)
7 Symphony No. 7 (Max Butting)
8 Deutsches Miserere (Paul Dessau)

  • Year
  • 2000
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  • BMG

First broadcast of the Simplicius Simplicissimus

Concert premiere and first broadcast (April 2) of “Simplicius Simplicissimus” (conductor: Hans Rosbaud) by Radio München (the later Bayerischer Rundfunk); at the same time premiere of the “Symphonie für Streichorchester” [Symphony for String Orchestra], the later 4th Symphony resulting from “Symphonie für Streicher” [Symphony for Strings] of 1938

World premiere (May 25) of “Symphonisches Fragment ‘Versuch eines Requiems'” [Symphonic Fragment ‘Attempt of a Requiem’], the later 1st Symphony, at Radio Frankfurt (conductor: Winfried Zillig)

  • Year
  • 1948