Thomas Larcher (Composer) // hartmann21

With the Austrian Thomas Larcher, „einer der prägnantesten kompositorischen Persönlichkeiten der Musikszene“ [“one of the most incisive compositional personalities of the music scene”](NMZ) encounters Hartmann’s work, exposes himself to it, reflects, traces references and lets the listener participate in his individual world of experience. In a singularly composed program, Larcher and his instrumental soloists Francesco Dillon (cello) and Emanuele Torquati (piano) create a kaleidoscope of different perspectives and modes of perception, allowing one to experience Hartmann’s early piano pieces anew.
Thomas Larcher, born in 1963, grew up in Tyrol and studied composition and piano in Vienna. Already during his studies he became known as a pianist in the field of classical and contemporary music. He played with conductors such as Claudio Abbado, Pierre Boulez and Franz Welser-Möst and worked closely with composers such as Heinz Holliger, Olga Neuwirth and Isabel Mundry. Larcher is considered one of the most important and at the same time most interesting voices among contemporary composers. In his works, Larcher shows himself to be a border crosser of styles, who consciously walks alongside the orthodox paths of the so-called avant-garde. What they have in common is a rich musical texture, which creates a variety and variability of sound language.
Emanuele Torquati is regarded as one of the leading pianists, who is admired worldwide for his poetic and passionate music-making. The New York Times referred to him as „a thoughtful musician and a champion of contemporary music.“ He is assisted by Francesco Dillon, an outstanding cellist whose repertoire and style of interpretation are characterized by a high degree of openness, intensity and originality. He is equally at home as a soloist in the world’s great concert halls and as a guest of the most important international orchestras.

An event of the © Karl Amadeus Hartmann-Gesellschaft e. V., sponsored by Stiftung Bayerischer Musikfonds, Stiftung Künstlerische Musikpflege and LfA Förderbank Bayern.