hartmannforum 2023 for young musicologists


18.30 Uhr

Karl Amadeus Hartmann-Gesellschaft
Franz-Joseph-Straße 20
80801 Munich (Germany)
(U3/U6 Giselastraße)

The Karl Amadeus Hartmann Society/Hartmann Centre will be hosting the hartmannforum for the first time on 29 November 2023 at 6.30 p.m., thus initiating a new platform for the promotion of young musicologists in the German-speaking countries. The scientific conference hartmannforumwill be held in the premises of the Karl Amadeus Hartmann-Gesellschaft/Hartmann-Center in Franz-Joseph-Str. 20 80801 Munich. The overarching theme is Karl Amadeus Hartmann’s Gesangsszenefor baritone and orchestra to words from “Sodom and Gomorrah” by Jean Giraudoux. The lecture evening will include a kick-off talk as well as two contributions of approx. 45 minutes duration (incl. audio examples), one of which will deal with the Gesangsszene from a music-analytical point of view and the other from a music-historical point of view. Furthermore, we will listen to the Gesangsszene in plenary with an audio recording. There will be a discussion and an opportunity for exchange at the end.

admission free

More information on the schedule will be available soon in the flyer below.

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