Symphony No. 7

for large orchestra
comissioned by the Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation in the Library of Congress
dedicated to the memory of Serge and Natalie Koussevitzky

Version A
I Introduktion und Allegro Fugato
II Adagio und Scherzo virtuoso – Finale (Scherzo virtuoso)
III Finale – Introduktion und Finale Fugato

Version B
1. Teil [“1st Part”]: Introduktion und Ricercare
2. Teil [“2nd Part”]: Adagio mesto – Finale: Scherzoso virtuoso

Performance duration: 30′

First performance: March 15, 1959, Hamburg, Symphonieorchester des NDR (Conductor: Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt)

  • Year
  • 1957/58
  • Archivalienkategorie
  • Werke