Symphony No. 1 “Versuch eines Requiems”

in the words of Walt Whitman for alto voice and orchestra
Herrn Franz André, Brüssel, in Freundschaft und Verehrung zugeeignet [“dedicated to Mr Franz André, Brussels, in friendship and veneration”]

Preliminary stages: “Kantate” [“Cantata”] and “Symphonisches Fragment” [“Symphonic fragment”] (1935/36)
Revision: 1945/46
Final version: 1954/55 as “I. Symphonie ‘Versuch eines Requiems'” [“Attempt of a Requiem”]

Performance duration: 35’

First performance (Symphonisches Fragment): 1948, Frankfurt
First performance (I. Symphonie “Versuch eines Requiems”): 22. Juni 1957, Wiener Symphoniker (Conductor: Nino Sanzogno, Alto: Hilde Rössel-Majdan)

  • Year
  • 1935/36
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  • Werke